Iwakuni Renkon Lotus Root

An Iwakuni specialty product. Lotus root is considered a lucky food in Japan.

While a regular lotus root has eight holes, Iwakuni lotus root often have nine holes. Since the family crest of the Kikkawa clan, the rulers of Iwakuni Domain, was a snake’s eye nine-planet crest, it was said that the fact that the similarity between the nine holes in the lotus root and the shape of the crest pleased the Domain lords.
In the present day, the Iwakuni Renkon Lotus Root is grown as a specialty product of Iwakuni, and Iwakuni City has become the largest lotus root production area in the Chugoku Region, and one of the biggest even in the whole of Japan. The distinctive characteristics of the Iwakuni Renkon Lotus Root are its crunchy texture, the chewy viscosity of the starch that turns stringy when you bite, and its exceptionally good flavor.
In addition, “lotus root chips”, deep-fried slices of lotus root, are a popular souvenir.