Ganne-guri Chestnuts

Japanese chestnuts with a sweet, mellow flavor.

Ganne-guri Chestnuts take their name from the location of Ganne in Miwa Town, Iwakuni City, where they are produced. Large in size (30~40 grams per nut), their distinctive characteristic is their sweet, mellow flavor. “Ganne-guri” are an unrivaled, superior variety of chestnut, and in addition to being recommended domestically by Japanese authorities, have now also become famous overseas.
In recent years, products made from chestnuts such as chestnut shochu liquor have been developed. Ganne-guri Chestnuts are harvested from mid-October onwards.
As recommended souvenirs, a variety of products such as sweets that use “Ganne-guri” as an ingredient are available to buy.