Iwakuni Local Sake

The perfect souvenir of Iwakuni

Local sake, manufactured from Iwakuni’s clean water and delicious rice, is beloved by Iwakuni citizens and visitors alike as one of the specialty products of Iwakuni. While each brewery produces distinctive flavors and characteristics, Iwakuni local sake as a whole is sweet, with an extremely smooth taste. There is a variety of globally-popular brands, including Dassai. You can enjoy comparing and contrasting flavors to discover your favorite brand.
Iwakuni Local Sake
・”Gangi” by Yaoshin Shuzo Brewery
・”Gokyo” by Sakai Shuzo Brewery
・”Kinkan Kuromatsu” by Murashige Sake Brewery
・”Kinsuzume” by Horie Brewing Company Ltd.
・”Dassai” by Asahi Shuzo Brewery
In the vicinity of Kintaikyo Bridge, sample-sized portions of sake produced by these five breweries can be enjoyed at the Iwakuni city visitors center “Honke Matsugane”, and in addition, sake can be purchased as a souvenir at the viewpoint and marketplace “Hashi no Eki”. Iwakuni local sake is also available to buy at the souvenir sections of Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport and JR Iwakuni Station.

●Brewery Tours
Sakai Shuzo Brewery, Murashige Sake Brewery, and Asahi Shuzo Brewery hold brewery tours. For details, please see the website of each brewery. *Brewery tours require prior reservation.
・Sakai Shuzo Brewery: http://www.gokyo-sake.co.jp/
・Murashige Sake Brewery: http://www.kinkan-kuromatsu.jp/
・Asahi Shuzo Brewery: https://www.asahishuzo.ne.jp/en/