Jakuchikyo Valley

Cool in summertime, this is Iwakuni’s summer retreat.
The Five Dragon Falls are a must-see.

A succession of five waterfalls flows through Jakuchikyo valley Gorge, collectively known as the “Five Dragon Falls of Jakuchikyo valley”. The falls have been jointly selected as one of Japan’s greatest hundred waterfalls.
If you walk a short distance along the Jakuchi River from the campsite at the foot of Mount Jakuchi (1,337 meters), the tallest peak in Yamaguchi Prefecture, you will find a stone monument marking the “Five Dragon Falls of Jakuchikyo valley”. From this location, you can enjoy a view of the 15-meter high “Ryubi no Taki” (Dragon’s Tail Falls). Continue climbing along the waterfall-viewing path to see the “Toryu no Taki” (Climbing Dragon Falls) and “Daijo-fuchi” (Mahayana Buddha Pool), then the “Hakuryu no Taki” (White Dragon Falls). Further above flows the 18-meter high “Ryumon no Taki” (Dragon’s Gate Falls), and from the highest point, you can see the 14-meter high “Ryuto no Taki” (Dragon’s Head Falls).
It takes roughly one hour to see all five waterfalls and return from the trail. The outstandingly clear waters of the river, selected as one of the hundred most exquisite waters in Japan, will make you feel cool even in summer.

Additionally, the “Usa Great Cedar” tree in the precincts of the nearby Usa Hachiman Shrine, which is over 1,000 years old, has been designated a natural moment by Yamaguchi Prefecture.
*During the winter season, from December 1 to March 31, the information center and other facilities are closed. Please also be aware that the surrounding roads may be covered in deep snow, and require extreme caution.



1388 Nishikimachi Usa, Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

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Around 60 min drive from Iwakuni Interchange