Kikko Park

This park’s highlights include its large fountain and seasonal flowers.

This park, located right next to Kintaikyo Bridge, was selected as one of Japan’s Hundred Historical Parks.
The park is a place of relaxation for local citizens, who often take a break or eat lunch on the grass lawn, in the shade under trees, or on the benches.
Seasonal flowers bloom all year round in plentiful flower beds, and in autumn, the park is filled with the golden yellow hue of tall ginkgo trees.
There are several historical buildings scattered throughout the park grounds, including Kinunkaku Pavilion, a registered Tangible Cultural Property of Iwakuni City.



Yokoyama, Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

Open Hours

24 hours

Closed Day(s)

No Closures


Not required

Time Required

30 min


Available in some places

Access from Kintaikyo Bridge

5 min walk


Free entry