Momijidani Maple Park

You can see the wonderful autumn leaves.

There used to be several temples from the Edo period at the present site of the park. Green leaves of maple trees in the park during spring through summer and the foliage in fall are always beautiful.
The area was once called “Teradani” (literally, a valley of temples) with many temples. At present, there are only two temples left -“Eikoji” and “Tosenji”.
Tranquil and peaceful atmosphere of the park attracts many tourists.



10-27, 1-chome, Yokoyama, Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

Foliage season

Mid-late November

Open Hours

24 hours

Closed Day(s)

No Closures


Not required

Time Required

30 min


Not Available

Access from Kintaikyo Bridge

10 min walk