Shirohebi Shrine (White Snake Shrine)

Find luck at the Lucky Snake Shrine!

Since ancient times, Japanese people have regarded white-colored creatures to be sacred embodiments of the gods, and have treated them with great respect and care. In Iwakuni, the Shirohebi (White Snake), which kept local rice storehouses free from damage by mice, was said to be a servant of Benzaiten (also known as Saraswati, the Indian god of water), and many temples and wayside shrines dedicated to the White Snake were built all over the Iwakuni region.
In the present day, Shirohebi Shrine attracts many visitors, as a deity that attracts financial luck, prosperous business, and health and longevity.
Protective amulets and other White Snake goods are available to buy here.
Located next to the shrine is a facility where White Snakes are raised in an outdoor environment (imazu white snake observation facility. ), where you can observe this living natural monument for yourself.

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6-4-2 Imazumachi, Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

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Take Iwakuni Bus from JR Iwakuni Station, disembark at “Nagayama Koen” or “Tenjincho”. 5 mins walk

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