Handling of Personal Information by Iwakuni City Official Tourism Website

Iwakuni City will appropriately maintain and manage all personal information collected by the Iwakuni City Official Tourism Website (hereinafter, “this website”) on the basis of the “Iwakuni City Personal Information Protection Ordinance”.

Purpose and Scope of Use of Collected Personal Information:

In order to receive inquiries and feedback from users, this website displays a reception counter and email address, etc.
In addition, when sending messages, we request that you enter information such as your name, address, and email address to the extent necessary in order for us to respond to your inquiry.

Limits of Use and Provision:

Iwakuni City will not exceed the scope of the purpose of handling personal information as stated at the time of collection, will not use the collected personal information for other purposes, and will not provide personal information to any third parties.
However, this shall exclude cases in which any of the following circumstances apply.

  1. Cases in which the user has given consent
  2. Cases on the basis of the provisions of law
  3. Cases which are deemed urgent or unavoidable in order to protect individual life, health, property or livelihood.
  4. Cases in which the information is used within the same implementing body or provided to another implementing body, and is used to the extent necessary for the said scope of authority, and there are deemed to be reasonable grounds for the said usage
  5. Cases that are deemed to be necessary for the execution of legitimate work or business, after hearing the verdict of the Iwakuni City Personal Information Protection Assessment Committee

Security Control Measures:

Iwakuni City enforces the utmost security measures in relation to personal information collected through this website. Furthermore, in the event that an inquiry or response sent through this website is published on this website, extreme care will be taken to ensure that individuals cannot be identified.


The Iwakuni City Official Tourism Website may be subject to future revisions in accordance with advances in computer and internet technology.