Kintaikyo Hot Spring

The closest hot spring facility to Kintaikyo Bridge.

This hot spring is located inside Iwakuni Kokusai Kanko Hotel, a hotel located three minutes’ walk from Kintaikyo Bridge. Kintaikyo Hot Spring features two different baths: the “Morning Mist Bath (Asagiri no yu)” and the “Evening Mist Bath (Yuugiri no yu)”.
The famed beauty spot, Kintaikyo Bridge, can be seen from the “Morning Mist Bath”, which overlooks the bridge. Bathers can enjoy the sight of Kintaikyo Bridge sheathed in dawn haze in the morning, or lit up by illumination at night.
From the “Evening Mist Bath”, bathers can look out at Iwakuni Castle, built into the peak of the mountain that faces the bath. Enjoy the magical sight of the castle illuminated by lights, seemingly floating in the sky.
The “Morning Mist Bath” and the “Evening Mist Bath” are alternated between male-only and female-only bathers each day.
Day-trip entry for non-hotel guests is permitted.



1-1-7 Iwakuni, Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
(within Iwakuni Kokusai Kanko Hotel)

Open Hours


Closed Day(s)

No Closures


Not required for day-trip bathing

Time Required

60 min



Access from Kintaikyo Bridge

3 min walk


Adults: 1700 yen, Children aged 3~12: 800 yen
(*Prices include body towel & bath towel rental)

Discount Tickets

Reduced to 900 yen for adults and 500 yen for children aged 3~12, when customers spend a minimum of 2000 yen per person at Iwakuni Kokusai Kanko Hotel’s restaurants.

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