Blooming Info on cherry blossoms and Kintaikyo Bridge

Blooming Info on cherry blossoms and Kintaikyo Bridge

Renowned Kintaikyo Bridge and numerous cherry blossoms around in full bloom will make the area look even more spectacular. Cherry blossoms at Kintaikyo Bridge is listed in 100 cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan, attracting many cherry blossom viewing visitors in late March to early April every year. Night viewing of cherry blossoms is to be scheduled during their peak time to enjoy colorful blossoms illuminated by spot lights.
【Date/time】 18:00-22:00 While in bloom.
(*Subject to change due to blooming stages.)
For detaild info on light-up

For blooming stage around Kintaikyo Bridge

○ JR Iwakuni Sta. → Kintaikyo Bridge bus stop (20min)
○ Shiniwakuni Sta. →Kintaikyo Bridge bus stop (15min)
○ 15min walk from JR Gantoku line Kawanishi Sta.
○ Sanyo Expressway Iwakuni IC →Kintaikyo Bridge(10min)
○ Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport →Kintaikyo Bridge(15min)

※Parking avail. at riverside ground downstream of Kintaikyo Bridge and Yokoyama riverside ground. Bumper to bumper traffic every year.
(\300 charged as a parking maintenance fee)
Use of public transportation is appreciated.
(Traffic is not that heavy during weekdays)

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