Iwakuni Castle

You can look out onto the Seto Inland Sea from the top floor of the castle.

Iwakuni Castle was built in 1608 by Kikkawa Hiroie, the first-generation lord of Iwakuni Domain. With the Nishiki River, which flows below, used as an external moat, the castle is located on top of the approximately 200-high Mount Shiroyama. Iwakuni Castle was demolished seven years after its construction due to the Shogun’s decree of “one castle in each domain”, and the current keep is a reconstruction built in 1962.
The castle interior boasts a variety of displays including a precise scale model of Kintaikyo Bridge, as well as photographs, weaponry, and armor.
The top floor of the castle has been made into a viewing platform, where you can enjoy gazing out onto the townscape of Iwakuni.



Yokoyama, Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

Open Hours


Closed Day(s)

14:00~, Aug. 28, 2020 / 14:00~, Sept. 30, 2020
14:00~, Oct. 30, 2020 / 14:00~, Nov. 30, 2020
14:00~, Dec. 25, 2020 / 15:00~, Dec. 31, 2020


Not required

Time Required

30 min



Access from Kintaikyo Bridge

10 min walk to Ropeway Base Station.
3 min ride on Ropeway to Summit Station.
10 min walk from Summit Station to Iwakuni Castle.


(Individuals) Adults: 270 yen, Children under 12: 120 yen
(Groups of 15+ people) Adults: 200 yen, Children under 12: 90 yen

Discount Tickets

A discount set ticket is available for visiting all three of the following facilities: Kintaikyo Bridge, Iwakuni Castle, Ropeway.
Discount details:
(Individuals) Adults: 1140 yen → 970 yen,
Children under 12: 530 yen → 460 yen
(Groups of 15+ people) Adults: 900 yen → 760 yen,
Children under 12: 400 yen → 350 yen